Respiratory Mask

What is a Respiratory Mask?

Respiratory mask is a tight fitting mask sealing the face to protect it from the harmful microorganisms in the surroundings. This mask is used for filtering the air entering inside and exiting with the use of an inserted filter into it. Or you can say that a respiratory mask provides two way germs and virus protection by filtering the entering air and the air going outside.

Difference Between the Face Mask and Respiratory Mask:

Many people may get confused between face mask and respiratory mask due to the lack of knowledge and information. To identify the difference between face mask and respiratory mask, one must check the efficiency of filtration capability and the fitting of the mask on the face.

Respiratory masks are efficient in 0.3 microns particles, and provide the highest protection against the harmful particles in the surrounding. Respiratory masks are available in both half face and full face sizes.

Types of Respiratory Masks:

Before buying a respiratory mask, one must know its types to get a clear understanding about it. Let’s know a variety of respiratory masks you can buy!

  • Disposable
  • Reusable

These respiratory masks are available in three ratings:

  • N Ratings (protection against dust, mists, and fumes)
  • R Ratings (oil resistant)
  • P Ratings(oil proof)

Available Respiratory Masks in the Marketplace:

  • N95 respiratory masks:

N95 masks are called as one of the most effective and efficient respiratory masks due to the highest protection it covers against the harmful microorganisms in the environment. This mask provides the supreme filtration capabilities with 95% germs and virus protection. It can protect the wearer from 0.3 microns particles. N95 respiratory mask is considered as one of the most efficient mask in pandemic due to the filtration capacity and features.

 n95 mask


Clinical experts are also considering to wear these masks who are taking care of the patients of coronavirus. When the study took place, only N95 respiratory mask could be relied the most in achieving 95% germs and harmful particles protection. We are selling N95 masks made-up with the high material quality, and providing protection against 0.3 microns particles. visit our website to buy these masks.

  • KN95 Respiratory Masks:  

KN95 mask is an alternative of N95 mask which also provies the protection against the harmful particles. These masks are efficient, and produced due to the shortages of N95 masks. These masks also have high filtration capabilities, and ensuring the optimum security from the risk of coronavirus or many other infections. However, KN95 masks are not as efficient as N95 masks.

kn95 face mask


We are also dealing in KN95 respiratory masks, and you can also buy them through our website.