Cloth Face Masks Really Protect You from Coronavirus

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The current situation of covid 19 or coronavirus is quite horrifying for the whole world. Coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire and completely breaking the entire health care system of every country, particularly developing nations like India by its rising infected cases. How to keep yourself safe from horrifying coronavirus? Keeping social distance, washing hands in regular intervals with water, wearing cloth face masks, etc. are some of the effective ways to stop the spread of this life taking disease. Wearing a cloth mask is necessary for everyone as it will protect the wearer and other people as well.

cloth face mask with filter

Wearing a Cloth Face Mask for COVID Protection is Better than No Mask

Wearing a mask in public places or when going out for any reason protects you from the virus and the transmission of the coronavirus will be reduced. These face masks are playing a key role in preventing the spread of the virus to some extent. Many people are not wearing any mask which is wrong, so it would be better if they put on even a cloth mask. For common people, the multiple layered face protective masks are the best option to keep them safe from the COVID.

The cloth face mask should be made of polypropylene or cotton material with multiple layers. So, if someone sneezes, or coughs, the small droplets of saliva or mucus will not be transmitted. If these droplets are carrying the COVID virus, then anyone can get infected with it.

women with cloth mask with filter pocket

Best Tips of wearing Cloth Face Masks

  • Important that it must be very fit and tight against the side of your face
  • Should be safe and covered with ear loops
  • Multiple layers of fabric build quality
  • Must be able to be machine dried without damage to its shape

If you are trying to buy, then you need to know that Cloth face masks are available at a very affordable cost online. One can buy them from general shops and medical stores. These masks are easily washable and the virus can easily be disinfected from them. They are in very high demand today and more effective to reduce the risk of covid 19.

Covered your nose and mouth with a cloth face mask with a filter pocket is necessary while going out and talking with anyone. Apart from wearing a mask, wash your hands regularly for at least 20 to 30 secs or use an alcohol (60 percent minimum) based hand sanitizer to keep yourself safe from this deadly virus. Covid 19 is still on and it's everyone's responsibility to follow necessary precautions in order to make their country and people Covid free.