KN95 Protective Mask for Coronavirus - 3D Foldable Respirator (10 pcs)

What is KN95 Face Mask? What Medical Science Said About kn95 mask with valve? The KN95 face mask is the most recognizable and effective respirator mask for Coronavirus. Its name means it can block at least 95 percent of tiny particles —0.3 microns. ( About 200 times smaller than the thickness of average...


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What is KN95 Face Mask? What Medical Science Said About kn95 mask with valve?

The KN95 face mask is the most recognizable and effective respirator mask for Coronavirus. Its name means it can block at least 95 percent of tiny particles —0.3 microns. ( About 200 times smaller than the thickness of average human hair. )

Specifications of testing are similar but have different names. KN95 in the US, KN95 in Asia, and FFP2 in Europe. These masks, which are designed for single-use, are made with polyester and other synthetic fibers, including layers of tangled fibers that act as a filter to make it harder for particles to pass through.

What makes the mask special is the special layer made via a special process called MELT BLOWN EXTRUSION. It produces a unique material composed of thousands of nonwoven fibers, each thinner than a strand of hair, and fused together then coated in layers of fine white plastic fiber.

Key Features of KN95 Face Mask in coronavirus period:

  1. Precise physical welding points
  2. Premium material quality: Non-woven fabric
  3. Made up of five woven layers
  4. Advanced filtration technology
  5. Adjustable Elastic EarLoop4. Adjustable Bridge
  6. Melt Blown Extrusion-key layer for filtration rate 95%
  7. Five layers filtration layers with high degree of protection
  8. Ultra soft ear loops
  9. Fights against 95% germs and bacteria
  10. Comfortable breathing
  11. 3-D strip for nose bridge
  12. Five-layer filtering System: Waterproof-nonwoven fabric-melt blown filter –nonwoven fabric-melt blown filter – skin-friendly non-woven fabric.

KN95 mask with valve is a protective mask equipment, which is said to be an alternative for widely using N95 mask due to the shortage and the key features. It is made up of the high-quality material, non-woven fabric, and fighting against at least 95% particles due to the five layers filtration technology. We are offering the kn95 masks for sale usa prepared according to the industry standards. These masks are sold for the civilian use to protect them from germs and bacteria in the surroundings.

Check kn95 face mask price online. We are one among the lowest price charging mask providers in the marketplace for these highly efficient masks.

Kn95 Face Mask is based on 5 layers, and suited best to protect yourself against the coronavirus as it is protecting you from germs and water containment as well. It is comfortable to wear and skin-friendly as well so you can bring it in your daily loose with no worries.

Material quality of KN95 Face Mask with Valve:

KN95 mask contains polyster and synthetic fibers into it, and offers the maximum care due to its performance. Order kn95 mask, which protects you against the 0.3 microns size particles (200 times thinner than human hair). It means that this mask can even block the tiniest particles, so you do not be worried about getting caught with the disease, if you are buying kn95 face mask for sale.

How to use KN95 face mask?

Get kn95 masks for sale and wear it properly according to the instructions provided by us. Check out the right direction of 3-D dimensions, and insert the loops in your ear. The ear loops are soft you won’t feel stressed even after using it for hours. Ensure that there is no gap between your skin and the mask for the best use.

This mask is used for single-time so dispose it regularly to avoid getting affected with germs. Use a fresh mask every day for the maximum germ protection.

Safe to use as tested before KN95 Mask:

You might feel worried whether the results of mask are effective or not. You do not have to be worries about it, because we are providing the tested 3m kn95 masks for sale.Its efficiency can be pre-judged with its quality and assurance. Get the best kn95 face mask price with us.

Know the five layers of KN95 Face masks:

  • Waterproof non-woven fabric
  • Melt-blown filter
  • Non-w
  • oven fabric
  • Melt-blown filter
  • Skin-friendly non-woven fabric

Material and structure of the KN95 Face mask:

  • Spun bonded non-woven
  • Melt-blown non-woven
  • Melt-blown non-woven
  • Spun bonded non-woven
  • Three dimension nose bridge strip

We are offering kn95 face mask for sale online, and shipping it on-time for the best customer experiences. So feel free to place your order, and grab the best offers.

Covered locations:

We are covering various locations for kn95 masks for sale in the USA. Place your order from anywhere in the USA, and receive the shipping within just 24 hours. You get notifications regarding the shipment once it will be dispatched, and then you can even track your shipment.

Grades of KN95 Protective masks in Coronavirus:

1. Health Care grades are fluid resistant to splash and splatter blood. Protect air-born and biological particles. Adjustable nose clip with a foam padding for a secure seal and fit around face and chin.

2. Industrial Respirator is not fluid-resistant and is designed to filter against dust, dirt, and oil-free air particles.

To use the masks properly, make sure there are no gaps between the edge of the mask and your skin. This one includes a nosepiece that is molded to your face. Many health care and other workers do annual fit tests that check for air leakage and ensure that masks are sized and fit properly. (If you have facial hair, you won’t get a proper fit. They don’t fit well on children, either.)

These masks are not meant for usage in surgery or for medical use. 

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