COVID-19 Fueled the Growth of Cannabis at Home

Earlier, the whole world used to consider cannabis as a prohibited drug, but this perspective changed with time. At present, some countries have legalized or/and decriminalized cannabis. It is still illegal to possess, distribute, and cultivate them in several parts of the world, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in cannabis production at home.

Cannabis – Then and Now

In the beginning, countries like Lebanon, Morocco, and others were the prime suppliers until organized criminal groups started the production of cannabis near their home country. According to economists, it is the import substitution process and makes sense in the case of cannabis.

This production scenario further shifted in recent years, and today, small-scale cannabis growers fulfill a substantial amount of demand. However, they mostly cultivate for themselves, friends, and other connections.

Today, people can grow cannabis in their home and other small places because of the following three factors:

  1. Advanced technology
  2. Easy availability of relevant info on the web
  3. Development and easy accessibility to cannabis strains suitable for indoor growing

These factors have minimized the dependency of cannabis buyers/users on dealers. And, this trend has grown during this pandemic.

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Why People are Growing Cannabis at Home?

The COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed almost all spheres of life, including the behaviors and habits of people consuming cannabis for pleasure or medical reasons. Let’s see how COVID-19 is leading people to produce cannabis at home.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has led people to spend more time than ever at home. It has also affected the social interactions of cannabis users and minimized their opportunities to take it from friends and other usual sources. These circumstances have not left them with any option other than growing cannabis at home.
  • Many users are thankful for the extra time they gained during this pandemic. Has it not been the additional time, they wouldn’t be growing cannabis at home.
  • Another factor is the increase in the price. The pandemic, no doubt, affected the supply of cannabis. When it was easy to get them before COVID-19, meeting up in person with the growers or obtaining it through usual dealers or personal social connections became difficult. This scarcity led to an increase in price and thoughts that growing cannabis at home is better than buying from external sources.
  • Many people have also found a valid reason to grow these drugs at home, and it is the discovery that some medicinal strains of cannabis can protect from coronavirus. This finding has increased the consumption and at-home production of cannabis. However, these studies are in the initial phase and not tested directly on humans.

Final Words

In this pandemic, people have found different reasons to grow cannabis at home. There are thousands of strains, and only a few of them are found to be working against coronavirus. Experts suggest waiting until results on human trials are out and continuing with the preventive measures like wearing a good-quality kn95 face mask for sale online in public, disinfecting surfaces at home, and others.