Cannabis Strains: Do They Fight COVID-19?

With new coronavirus patients surfacing every day, it seems the COVID-19 pandemic is not ending soon. Even after starting vaccinating their citizens, experts do not expect normalcy in the UK and US to return before the second or third quarter of 2021.

Though vaccination is the real hope at this time, a few studies have faith in cannabis strains. Are they successful against COVID? Let’s try to understand:

After looking at more than 400 CBD-and-THC-dominant strains approved by Health Canada, researchers from the UL (University of Lethbridge) identified 13 strains that can downregulate ACE2, the protein receptor. Those 13 strains were usually High-CBD Cannabis Sativa Extracts.

What Does It Mean?

According to researchers, some cannabis strains are efficient in fighting against coronavirus. They act in the following two ways:

  1. Blocking the entry of the virus into bodies
  2. Preventing the propagation of the virus if it is already present in a person’s body

Moreover, their research also reveals some cannabis strains are potential enough to control the overdriven immune systems of COVID-19 patients.

In this research, 400 of the 1,500 hybrid cannabis strains were tested against the COVID-19 causing SARS CoV-2 virus. And 13, out of those 400, can significantly lower down the ACE2 receptor’s expression. It is the same receptor coronavirus requires to enter cells. 2-3 hybrid strains tested on human tissue models were found to be able to decrease the acceptance of the virus.

So, Cannabis for COVID-19?

After the successful research of cannabis strains against coronavirus, the sale of cannabis (marijuana) spiked in many regions. However, experts say it’d be too early to conclude that cannabis plays a role in curing COVID-19.

Well, the present research was done on synthetic 3D models mimicking human body parts affected by the COVID-19, such as intestinal tissues, airways, and other parts. Currently, there aren’t ways to confirm that cannabis strains responding positively on 3D models will also be successful with real people.

However, researchers have a different view. They say that some of these strains, when used as an easily consumable and cost-efficient oral product, can contribute towards limiting the spread of coronavirus. They also clarify that cannabis isn’t a vaccine but can be of help. Researchers are very near to find if any of the cannabis strains are eligible to become a medicinal ingredient.

Final Words

It would be too early to conclude that cannabis strains can fight against coronavirus in human bodies. More research is required, and you must wait for any development in the future.

Till then, you can continue with the preventive measures and become Self Quarantining, such as covering your face with a mask, using affordable disinfecting wipes to disinfect surfaces at your place, and others.

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